The Thoughtful Farm






The Thoughtful Farm

Views on 21 Century Mixed Farming.

Dedicated to the sights, activities, musings or perhaps contemplation’s, and opportunities associated with our mixed farm in the Parkland of North Eastern Alberta, Canada.  While not a certified organic farm, much of what we do, especially in regards to our gardening, horticulture and some crops is done organically.  We are very concerned about the current trends in Agriculture and do not believe BIGGER is BETTER but at the same time middle roads and balances do occur.  Healthful, sustainable and economic opportunities do exist for the modern mixed farm.


For a view of the changing seasons and evolving projects on the farm check out our photo galleries.


There are many forward-looking ongoing projects on the farm.  If you are passionate about modern sustainable mixed farming check how you can participate!


Wanting experience working working on a farm?   Gain experience permaculture, gardening, food storage, animal husbandry and so much more.

Hands on learning!

If you value the opportunity to participate in the future of farming, whether it is in the garden, working with animals, implementing sustainable energy or farm practices W3K Farms could be a perfect fit for you.  We have limited space for permanent summer project activists so send us a bio and what farm projects you are passionate about.  W3K also has limited space for farm tourism, come and learn what makes a modern mixed farm the sustainable farming model of the future.

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