Wayne grew up the oldest of six children on a mixed farm… grain hogs, dairy, poultry, and beef cattle… in the mixed boreal parklands of St. Paul Alberta .… After graduating from high school I attended the university of Alberta and graduated with a BSc in agriculture with a specialization in animal science and economics. Employment with the Gov’t of Alberta as a District Agriculturalist followed in High Prarie Alberta and then I decided to farm on my own and did so by acquiring some land in St. Paul which provided the basis for W3K Farms.

My interests have included various sports… to name a few soccer, fencing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, swimming, cycling, and martial arts…interests also include: 4-H …fishing…pottery…and travelling.

Participation..in various capacities …in local, regional , provincial and federal groups is ongoing.

Since our marriage in 1981 Wendy and I along with our family have grown W3K Farms into what it is today..having many adventures and challenges along the way.

My current passions include..but are not limited to…global politics …the environment…green and organic agriculture…sustainability… the global village…the economics of happiness…and of course thoughtful farm.


Wendy is also one of six children. Born in Edmonton, the love of farming began when her family moved to a quarter section where horses, cows and chickens were her pets. Moving on to a larger farm at 12 years of age cemented the love of the great outdoors, gardening and animal husbandry…..A perfect fit for the farm life we have developed.

I think it all began with the desire to be independent from the commercial food supply. Early in our farming years I became very interested in orcharding in Alberta, and my love affair with apple trees began. Along the way, many other tree fruits followed, as well as small fruits. This of course all leading to an interest in preserving for the long Alberta winter… there are many ways to enjoy an apple!!

Further to an independent existence, we bought a grinder to grind wheat that we have grown for any baking needs we have.

Nursing at the local hospital keeps me busy, and allows my passion for real health in the midst of our chemical world to flourish.

When not indulging my passion for gardening, I love to quilt, and sew clothing, and pottery seems to occupy a lot of my headspace these days

We also enjoy cross country skiing, biking and walking our beloved border collie dogs

Most years I offer people the opportunity to garden along with me sharing my bounty, my way of developing a community of green, healthy lifestyles.

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