The farmsite ( garden, livestock paddock,shops, sheds, barn, house and bin yard ) sit on a hill overlooking the mixed parklands and Drysdale lake. There is a magnificent view of the area and of course the evening sky right from our house balcony. We are located at NW 26 58 9 W4 about 5 miles north east of St Paul Alberta Canada; a community of about 6000 people in the Lakeland of north east Alberta about 200km north and east of Edmonton. We have numerous shelterbelts around our land consisting of evergreens, shrubs ( sea buckthorn, chokecherry and others ) oak, as well as 20 acres of virgin boreal forest. The land consists of rolling and more level quarter sections. Being relatively close to St. Paul we have access to the many recreation and cultural opportunities there. These include an indoor pool, various indoor ice arenas, curling, golf, soccer, baseball, martial arts, yoga, fitness centres, visual arts (painting and pottery), music and acting groups, 4-H and riding clubs, and of course the activities associated with our lakes. The major centre Edmonton is about 2 hours away via automoblile.

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