Our farm still has livestock. These include…beef cows.as part of a cow calf enterprise, horses, and poultry. The farm at one time had a much larger herd of beef cows.. (150 cows) .but has scaled down as we are getting older and the time commitment year round is too great for our lifestyle. At one time the cattle/cropping mix worked very well in a holistic farming sense but of course required a much greater time commitment. So now we have about 15 beef cows (cow/calf…grass finished beef) and a couple bulls. All of our slaughtered beef is grass finished and we use a minimal…if any..amount of antibiotics and NO growth or hormone supplements. Our cattle get very little …if any.. grain as we believe cattle are ruminants and NOT grain feeders. We still have our border collies as cattle dogs from the past…and frankly they are now part of the family . The farm still has horses from our purebred Arabian horse raising past…six now…that involved both Wendy and I as active riders and the children in the 4-H program. The horses are still around but we ride very little now. In addition to the larger critters we also have an annual poultry flock…mostly some turkeys and fryer chickens and a small egg laying flock of heritage chickens. These all get organic grains..no commercial feeds, but some powdered milk, and oyster shell and of course NO antibiotics. All of our poultry are processed here on the farm. We currently have also a Jersey cow which will provide house milk (for cheese , milk, and yoghurt) when she calves. In the past we have had geese, goats and other exotic animals as well. The possiblities for the livestock end are only limited by some imagination and effort.

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