Currently the farm grows a mix of crops that include …peas ( both edible yellow and edible green) ,wheat (hard red spring), canola (non-GMO Nexera), barley (feed) and oats. On an average year this would amount to about 1500 or so acres. Also included we have forage crops (mostly alfalfa mixed with grasses) and some wild hay. These are usually cut and round baled. Crops in the past have included red clover for seed, alsike clover for seed, camelina for seed and plots of various pedigreed seed as Wayne is also an Elite seed grower. Our crops are currently grown with inputs such as commercial fertilizer and some chemicals…however the chemical input is minimalized as much as possible and perhaps could be eliminated in the future as we are looking at more organic and more sustainable production. There is some fallow in our mix and we use a combination of zero-till , and min-till in producing those crops. We have the ability to clean our own seed as well as crush oilseed crops as we have seed cleaning equipment and a small oilseed crushing plant. All of our fields have shelterbelts around them which might include sea-buckthorn, Saskatoon berries, chokecherries, buffaloberries, oak, various shrubs and conefirs, including spruce, pine, and larch. Our farm is trying …and is currently very successful at…emulating a model that bigger is not necessarily better…we can work with nature…crop mixes are better than monocultures…and industrial agriculture IS-NOT a pancea for all of agriculture….there is a place for smaller sustainable farms. While our equipment for the farm is quite modern it is not huge scale and the latist and greatest..Much of our farm has been farmed by Wendy and Wayne since the late 1970’s .The future for crops could well include heritage grains, organic production and alternative crops.

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